Yasunari Hirai Wins Kickoff Of The Austria Swim Open

Yasunari Hirai Wins Kickoff Of The Austria Swim Open

Courtesy of WOWSA, Vienna, Austria.

Yasunari Hirai from Tokyo is traveling the world in search of qualifying for his third consecutive Olympics.

His most recent stop was at the Austria Swim Open event held in Vienna, Austria last weekend.

He won the Vienna Swim Open Kaiserwasser, a multi-race open water swimming event with distances of 150m, 300m, 450m, 0.5 km, 1.25 km and the 2.5 km OSV Pro Wave + Swim Open Cup in the 15-16°C water.

The Austria Swim Open is an open water swimming series of 10 competitions, kicked off by the Vienna Swim Open Kaiserwasser:

* 2.5 km Vienna Swim Open Kaiserwasser
* 5 km Klopeiner See Swim Open
* 1.5 km Klosterneuburg Swim Open
* 5 km Vienna Swim Open Vienna City Beachclub
* 1.5 km Kitzbühel Swim Open
* 3.8 km Podersdorf Swim Open
* 3 km Klosterneuburg Swim Open
* 1.9 km Zell am See Swim Open
* 2 km Vienna Swim Open Vollmondschwimmen
* 10 km Wörthersee Swim Open

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