You Almost Wish The Swim Was Longer...

You Almost Wish The Swim Was Longer…

…so says the multi-talented musician, entertainment executive, mother and marathon swimmer Carina Bruwer-Pugliese.

Throughout her marathon swimming career that included swims in the English Channel and Strait of Gibraltar, she was also featured on numerous photos in magazines and newspapers for doing even more treacherous swims.

She swam in False Bay, Cape Point and Robben Island in South Africa as well as being the first to successfully round the appropriately named Danger Point, a 10.5 km swim around a peninsula known as the Great White Shark Capital of the World.

The successful flute virtuoso, she was once featured as one of Glamour Magazine’s 12 Women We Loved and a Cosmo Awesome Woman, now manages Five Seasons Entertainment, one of the largest entertainment agencies in South Africa.

I am very focused and when I set my mind to it, for some reason, I find it very important to achieve that. But when you do something like [marathon swimming], you must be obsessive-compulsive.

The best day for me is when I am not thinking about the cold or about the time that I have been in or whether I am going to break a record. But where things are happening in my head. It is like you are meditating. You almost wish the swim was longer

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