You Are Going To Do What?!?  Post-Pailolo

You Are Going To Do What?!? Post-Pailolo

In a real-life sequel to the “You Are Going To Do What?!?” series, Dave Matthews and his girlfriend Natalie (both shown on left) had the following conversation regarding Dave’s swim across the Pailolo Channel in Hawaii:

Dave: Yes, I would love to have you on the boat as part of my team.
Natalie: Why do you want to do this?
Dave: Because I’m getting older and realize this is my chance to accomplish something big. I can do this but I need your help.
Natalie: My help? You’re the one that has to swim.
Dave: Yes, but it’s a team effort. I need your support and encouragement. My success is your success. I can’t do it alone. I would love you to be there with me when I finish.
Natalie: Well, I don’t know…
Dave: We can celebrate in London for a few day after the swim. And next year we can go anywhere you want. This is my chance, my shot to doing something big. I’ve never been a great athlete, but I think I can do this. I want to do this.
Natalie: What if you don’t make it?
Dave: That’s always a possibility, but failure is not trying. If I give it my best, I’ll be very disappointed but I will know that I tried my best. If I don’t go and try, it will always hang over my head. I need to try this.
Natalie: Let’s do it!
Dave: I love you!
Natalie: I love you too.

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Steven Munatones