You Are A Newbie Swimmer If...

You Are A Newbie Swimmer If…

You know you are part of an emerging global force of swimmers if you…

1. first learned of open water swimming through Facebook or Twitter
2. bought your first pair of goggles and they were polarized
2. use the term hypoxic instead of lungbusters
3. have 3 different types of hand paddles, pull buoys and kickboards
5. measure time through your iPhone and iPad and use stop watches as backup
6. subscribe to LAVA and Runner’s World but not Swimming World Magazine, H2Open Magazine or Open Water Swimming Magazine
7. can regularly do an entire pool workout without use of a pace clock
8. are older than your first swimming coach
9. have never purchased a swimsuit at a retail shop
10. think of swimming – not running – when someone mentions a marathon
11. use the term open water, not rough water swimming or long distance swimming
12. know who Penny Palfrey and Keri-Anne Payne are, but not John Kinsella or Philip Rush
13. cannot yet read a pace clock for intervals
14. think of a lap is up and back in the pool
15. are confused by the concept of circle swimming
16. prefer to start in the middle of a mass start in triathlons or open water swims
17. put on the wetsuit before the goggles go on

Bruckner Chase added:

18. have more swim training equipment that requires batteries rather than surgical tubing
19. seek out pools with large windows so you can get a GPS signal inside
20. believe the pool is not regulation distance due to calculations of your new swim watch
21. call flip turns “somersaults at the wall”
22. take your first arm stroke before your feet have left the wall
23. take it easy on the main set because you already had a peak wattage ride and tempo run before the morning swim workout

On the reverse side, you are a veteran swimmer if you do these things.

Photos from the aQuellé Midmar Mile in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

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