You Are An Open Water Swimmer If...

You Are An Open Water Swimmer If…

Open water swimmers come in all shapes, sizes and ages. They are from all walks of life, but commonalities reign among those living the open water swimming lifestyle:

1. Your bicycle only has one gear.
2. Your running shoes cost less than your cheapest swimsuit.
3. You own more goggles than the number of years you spent in college.
4. You can detect the scent of chlorine from a distant parking lot.
5. The bum side of your swimsuit is much more faded than the front.
6. You know at least 4 different routes to your closet body of water.
7. Your ankles are as flexible as a teenager.
8. You know the temperature of the water by dipping your toes in.
9. Pools feel too warm.
10. You have sunscreen and Vaseline in your bag, office and car.

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Steven Munatones