You're Going To Do What?!?

You’re Going To Do What?!?

In a continuation of the You’re Going To Do What?!? series, the following is another true story regarding the marathon swims of teenage Mackenzie Miller of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Father: Hey dear, I just heard about this thing called the Triple Crown of Open water Swimming, and having done 2 of the 3 swims, I’d like to go for the 3rd swim in this series.
Mother: When, and what is swim?

Father: English Channel, probably summer of 2008, and fund raise for the restoration of the Arizona Memorial since I serve on the Advisory Council.
Mother: You live in the prettiest place on the planet with some of the warmest clearest water. Why swim in cold water so far away?

Father: Please don’t ask me questions like that. I’m not done telling you everything.
Mother: [sigh, crickets chirping]
Father: If Mackenzie is interested, I’d like her to attempt with me. We’ll train together in San Francisco. We’ll bond unlike any other father daughter. We’ll ‘grow’ together. She’ll learn culture, commitment. It’s kind of like I am doing this for her
Mother: Puhlease…and not over my dead body.
Father: We’ll make it a family affair. I have all these miles to use up. You can come to Dover and be on her boat
Mother: Didn’t you hear me? Not over my dead body. I hate boats.
Father: Not if your daughter is swimming in the third busiest shipping lane in the world with tankers cruising by her.
Mother: I am afraid of us pushing her too hard.
Father: Don’t worry about it. We won’ push her. She will have to push herself, that way we’re not pushing her.
Mother: [crickets]
Father: I have enough miles. We can even have your parents come over
Mother: Tell me more.
Father: We’ll train in San Francisco and qualify there. Her and I will rent an apartment. I have found two sponsors, so some of the cost is offset. I will spend three solid weeks with my 18-year-old daughter, no easy feat in and of itself
Mother: Go for it…I can use the time at home alone. Kathryn is going on a trip too.

Father’s comment: Some conversations are hard to forget, this was one of them.

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Steven Munatones