Zhang Jian Culminates His Career In China

Zhang Jian Culminates His Career In China

On August 9th, Zhang Jian from China, a professor at the Beijing Sports University, set another marathon swimming record by swimming an unprecedented 50K across the Xing Kai Lake in Heilongjiang Province.

He took 36:30 to swim across the lake in a wetsuit. An English-language news report is here.

Zhang’s career has been remarkable and includes the first time for a Chinese to cross the English Channel (11:56). He also was the first person to swim across the Lingding Sea in southern China, 31K across Fuxianhu Lake (12:01) which is 1,800 meters above sea level and 109K across Bohai Bay in in Guangdong Province, China (50:22).

Photo shows Zhang Jian in 2000 after swimming across Bohai Bay.

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